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Funding opportunity available through the State Fire Marshal’s Small Equipment Grant Program

Most Illinois fire departments, fire protection districts and township fire departments are eligible to apply for grants. Additionally, ambulance services that are a not-for-profit emergency medical service provider are also eligible to apply. An ambulance service shall be a volunteer, non-profit, stand-alone emergency medical service provider not tied in any financial or legal manner to a fire department. Applicants in this category may have to provide additional documentation in order to verify eligibility.

Fire department, fire protection district and township fire department applicants must have participated in the National Fire Incident Reporting System (“NFIRS”) for a minimum of two years prior to the application for the Small Equipment Grant, except those fire departments that were issued a Fire Department Identification Number (“FDID”) by OSFM less than two years prior to the application are eligible to apply for a Small Equipment Grant if they have participated in NFIRS since the date their FDID was issued by the OSFM. Read more.

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