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Flossmoor Road Closure

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Beginning Monday, August 11 at 10 a.m. and continuing for approximately eight weeks Flossmoor Road viaduct will be closed as part of the METRA Flossmoor Train Station Rehabilitation project. The project includes rehabilitation of the bridge columns, masonry work and improved lighting under the viaduct.

Flossmoor Road will be closed at Sterling Avenue on the west side of the viaduct. Flossmoor Road will be closed at Brassie Avenue on the east side of the viaduct. The approved detour route is the 183rd Street viaduct via Governor’s or Dixie Highway. Both the 183rd Street and Vollmer Road viaducts will be open.

Commuters will not be permitted to drop off METRA passengers on Flossmoor Road between Brassie and the viaduct. The north pedestrian tunnel at Flossmoor Park will remain open for commuters, walkers and bicyclists.

In preparation for the closure, emergency vehicles will be staged east of the viaduct to respond to emergency calls.

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