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Final new Metra Electric schedule released

Press release from Metra:

Metra unveiled the final version of a Metra Electric Line schedule change on 4/9 that was made necessary by the implementation of the new Positive Train Control (PTC) safety system. The new schedule, which can be viewed at, will take effect when the line is restored to full service following the coronavirus crisis.

Metra released a draft of the new schedule in February and requested public feedback. Nearly 2,000 customers replied via an online survey, and in response to that feedback several revisions were made between the February draft and the final version. Please see the requests that were accommodated.

The biggest adjustment was made to address concerns by suburban customers, particularly in Flossmoor, that not enough trains would stop in Hyde Park, especially inbound trains at 59th Street. In response, we have added Hyde Park stops to suburban trains in the morning and evening rush periods. Read more.

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