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Employment opportunity: Country Club Hills lnspectional Services Director

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THE POSITION The Director of lnspectional Services oversees the department that is the City’s liaison for homeowners, business owners, developers and contractors for licenses, permits and code compliance. He/She is responsible for creating a structure that maintains and enforces codes and ordinances for residential and commercial properties.

The Director of lnspectional Services supports the quality of life for the residents and visitors to the City of Country Club Hills through the enforcement of building codes. The permitting and inspection process ensures high quality design standards as well as the conservation and rehabilitation of existing structures. He/She supervises staff engaged in inspectional activities i.e. building, electrical, and plumbing.

The Director of lnspectional Services reviews all plans and blue prints for residential and minor commercial projects and for compliance with building codes and ordinances; He/She collaborates with Engineering Firms for large commercial projects. He/She supervises construction, alterations, repairs and demolition within the City.

The Director of lnspectional Services conducts inspections for residential commercial and industrial properties, issues permits i.e. electrical, plumbing, and renovations. The Building Commissioner (Director of lnspectional Services) serves as staff liaison for:

 )> Plan Commission  )> Housing Authority  )> Economic Development Commission  )> Zoning Board of Appeals  )> Emergency Disaster Committee  )> Emergency Preparedness Committee  )> Emergency Safety Committee

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For full consideration, interested individuals must submit an application, cover letter, resume and targeted questionnaire to:

City of Country Club Hills Attn: Deborah Mcilvain, City Clerk 4200 W. Main Street Country Club Hills, IL 60478 APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00PM, AUGUST 12, 2015

For questions, contact the City of Country Club Hills Human Resource Department (708) 798-3399 or Director of lnspectional Services’ office (708)798-2616 x 2225.

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