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DCEO Illinois Energy Now Grant Opportunities

Illinois Energy Now (IEN) is a suite of energy efficiency programs administered by the State of Illinois that provides millions of dollars in rebates to public facilities that make large scale equipment improvements to their electric and natural gas systems. This funding supports several IEN programs including the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SECAC), Energy Resource Center (ERC), and Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA). You can learn more about these programs and energy efficiency incentives at

Additionally, this funding supports the Public Sector Energy Efficiency Program that is administered by the metropolitan Mayors Caucus through DCEO’s Public Sector Energy Efficiency Aggregation Program. The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus has partnered with 360 Energy Group to administer this funding for IEN to help local governments update and retrofit public facilities that will improve energy efficiency and save money. Public sector grant reimbursements can be up to $300,000 per facility location for projects including boiler and chiller replacements, HVAC system tune-ups, indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades, heat distribution system upgrades, pipe insulation and more. Please visit for additional information.

For information on how to receive in-depth energy assessments through the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) to identify cost and energy savings opportunities, obtain grants, save money, improve energy efficiency and facilitate the application process, please contact Jeffrey Walter, 312-201-4508 or or Mike Stanch, 312-264-8568 or

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