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Congresswoman Kelly to host town hall on economic dangers of GOP tax bill


Mayor John A. Ostenburg of Park Forest will discuss the impact of the new federal tax legislation on local government when he serves on a panel for the  Teach-In. Also on the panel are representatives from health and labor, among others. An overview of the tax bill will be presented at the beginning of the meeting. A question-and-answer period is expected to follow the panel presentations.

The tax bill passed the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, and then was signed into law by President Donald Trump, despite overwhelming opposition from Americans across the country. Congresswoman Kelly, who represents the Illinois Second Congressional District, was among members of Congress warning of the devastating effects of the legislation prior to its passage.

Mayor Ostenburg serves in the Community & Economic Development Committee of the National League of Cities and said he and other committee members had been advised of the bill’s negative impact on local units of government at the last committee meeting, which was held in Charlotte, N.C., in November. He said a few of the concerns of local leaders were heeded and some revisions were made to the final version of the bill, but the bulk of the legislation still contains major elements that will impact local government negatively.

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