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CMAP calls for CMAQ, TAP-L and STP projects

From January 15 to March 15, CMAP is holding a call for projects for the regional 

Surface Transportation Program (STP) Shared Fund, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ), and locally programmed Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP-L). These federal programs fund surface transportation projects that improve transit, traffic, bicycle facilities, freight, safety and alternative fuel vehicles and equipment.

CMAP is hosting two informational webinars about these funding opportunities. Links to RSVP will be available soon:

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 @ 2:00 p.m.:  Information on the funding programs and eligible projects Thursday, January 17, 2019@ 10:00 a.m.: How to submit an application via the eTIP website

Before submitting an application, local sponsors should discuss their project with South Subregional Council Planning Liaison Leslie Phemister at 708-922-4677 or Southwest PL Kelsey Mulhausen at 708- 403-6132. Read more.

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