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CMAP approves 10 of 34 LTA projects in SSMMA communities

SSMMA’s application requested assistance to initiate a Circuit Rider Pilot Program, meant to provide technical assistance to communities to advance plan implementation. The purpose of the initiative was to facilitate seasoned technical assistance providers to be embedded in local municipalities to help support and increase municipal capacity and provide direct implementation assistance. The SSMMA initiative can help bridge the gap that exists between local government goals, objectives, and strategies that are necessary to enhance the effectiveness of local program or project delivery. Anticipated services include specialized deliverables such as transportation or community planning, grant writing, request for proposal preparation, grant administration, funding identification, project coordination, project management, and local priority setting. Click here for the full application.

CMAP established the LTA program to direct resources to communities to pursue planning work that helps to implement GO TO 2040.  In conjunction with the Regional Transportation Authority’s Community Planning program, CMAP held a call for LTA projects in spring and summer 2017. Additional information on the RTA’s Community Planning projects can be found here. A press release issued by CMAP can be found here.

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