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CIP’s Transportation & Logistics Conference: The future has arrived

Picture a giant metal cylinder dotted with holes in its walls and large truck bays at its base. Then picture an army of drones flying into and out of those holes and leaving with video games, books, clothing and groceries that they then deliver to customers in urban areas.

Sounds like science fiction, right? But what if you discovered that Amazon this summer applied to patent this very tower, which most are describing as a space-age beehive? Would it seem as far-fetched then?

That drone beehive might or might not become reality. But the fact that Amazon is considering it speaks volumes about the high-tech world of transportation and logistics…Please click here to read Dan Rafter’s story in RE Journals.

The CSEDC and the Chicago Southland Enterprise Zones were able to present the Invest in Chicago Southland industrial development program at the IREJ Tranportation and Logistics Conference. With a partnership with the Southland’s four enterprise zones, CSEDC had enhanced its table display with a new floor display, new maps, and better signs (see an ad here). Reggie Greenwood was also on a panel where he reviewed the new developments in the Chicago Southland that create the opportunity for other firms to build in our emerging super cluster. As a result of the show, three companies are coming to have lunch and review specific sites, as well as get information about the opportunities in the Chicago Southland.

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