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Aug. 7: Railroad hazmat emergency training

Cherry Valley, IL  train derailment, June 2009

Cherry Valley, IL train derailment, June 2009

From the Union Pacific Railroad; please share with emergency responders, fire departments, EMTs, police and safety managers:

DOW Chemical/ Union Pacific Railroad/TRANSCAER Railroad Training Starts: 8/7/2015 9:00 AM local time Ends: 8/7/2015 4:00 PM local time Location 5005 Barnard Mill Road Ringwood, Illinois 60072

Click here to register. Download the flyer here.

FREE One-day Training Includes  – Hands-on workshops and classroom instruction – One-on-one training opportunities with emergency response professionals – DVDs containing presentations, plus additional videos and reference materials – Complimentary lunch – Certificates upon successful completion

Railroad 101: This classroom presentation provides an overview of railroad operations, hazards and safety rules. Rail hazmat safety and emergency response are featured, including “war stories” from real world incidents. Students learn about railroad equipment, shipping papers, hazmat identification, proper emergency response actions and industry resources that are available to help. Locomotive shut down procedures will also be discussed.

Understanding Tank Cars: This field exercise covers the basic anatomy of general service and pressure tank cars used to transport hazmat. Students learn about the different tank car types and specifications and the basics of tank car damage assessment. The following tank car features are reviewed in the field: protective housings; valves and fittings; truck components; safety appliances; jacket, shelland head construction; placards and markings.

Chlorine Safety This portion students will learn about transportation methods and containers, the health effects of acute exposure, proper selection of personal protective equipment, first aid measures and medical treatment for potential overexposures. Discussions cover proper use of the Emergency Response Guidebook during the initial phase of an incident – as well as the roles CHEMTREC® and the CHLOREP mutual aid network can play in mitigating a release and protecting the public.

C-Kit Workshop: This hands-on field exercise provides an overview of potential leak scenarios from chlorine rail tank car valves and fittings and shows how to mitigate those leaks. Instructors demonstrate and then coach students while they install the Emergency Kit “C” on chlorine protective housings with valve arrangements for standard and next generation (dual valve system) assemblies.

Required Safety Gear for all Field Hard hat, gloves, safety glasses and sturdy leather work boots with a defined heel. Please advise the instructor of any preexisting medical condition that may preclude participation in a field exercise.

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