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April 25 & May 21: Watershed Management Ordinance Trainings at SSMMA


The Watershed Management Ordinance (WMO) establishes uniform, minimum, countywide stormwater management regulations throughout Cook County. Components which are regulated under the WMO include drainage and detention, volume control, floodplain management, isolated wetland protection, riparian environment protection, and soil erosion and sediment control.

A draft Technical Guidance Manual has been published on the WMO webpage (

As a reminder, municipalities must submit their developments for the existing development plans list to the District by May 1, 2014. Municipalities seeking to become authorized to administer the WMO should submit letters of intent to the District. Multi-county municipalities seeking to adopt and enforce a collar county stormwater ordinance should submit letters of intent to the District. More information regarding the existing development plans list, authorized municipalities, and multi-county municipalities is located on the WMO webpage ( Please visit the WMO website periodically for updates.

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