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Accelerate Illinois: We must invest more in Illinois’ vital transit network

Investing in the maintenance and upkeep of our transit system prevents delays and makes getting around easier.

More than any other Midwest state, Illinois relies on a variety of public transportation options. In northeastern Illinois, hundreds of thousands of people count on convenient transit service to get to work. For travelers throughout the state, Amtrak trains are an increasingly popular option. And in small and mid-sized towns from Peoria to Metropolis (on the Ohio River, near the southern tip of Illinois), local bus systems serve as a lifeline to people who don’t have the option to drive.

In spite of increasing ridership, financial support for transit in Illinois has declined. As the Metropolitan Planning Council showed in 2013, the level of capital investment in Chicago region transit has declined by about 25 percent over the past 20 years.

It’s time to Accelerate Illinois by improving public transit through reliable, dedicated transportation funding. Show your support today by joining the campaign...Read more here.

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