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Southland Reactivation Incentive


Calculating a Parcel's Estimated Twelve-Year Tax Bill

Using this calculator requires finding and inputting a specific parcel's last known EAV prior to exemption (Base Year EAV) and the latest year's tax rate. Instructions on how to find those numbers are outlined in the sections below. 

Finding the Last Known EAV Prior to Exemption (Base Year EAV)
SSMMA and the Cook County Treasurer's Office have compiled a spreadsheet of historic EAVs for parcels that meet the basic eligibility requirements for the incentive at the time of publication.
  • Base Year EAVs for Eligible Parcels (September 2022)
    • Search for the parcel by PIN (do not use dashes) using CTRL+F.

    • For the calculator, enter the green number from Column C ("Last EAV") into Cell C7.


The data provided in the table below for Base Year EAV ("Last EAV") has been collected and provided by Cook County Treasurer’s Office and can be used for abatement purposes related to Southland Reactivation Act only.

Finding the Latest Year's Tax Rate
Different parcels have different tax rates. To find a specific parcel's tax rate, follow the two-step process below.

Finding EAV
Finding Tax Rate
Toolkit and Checklist
Toolkit Download and Submission Roadmap

Ready to get started? Follow the roadmap below. Click the links to the right of each step to access online tools or download documents you'll need to designate a Southland Reactivation property.

REMINDER: the Southland Reactivation designation process is led by the municipality. If you are a developer with a specific site in mind that you'd like designated,
contact the municipality directly to get started. 

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