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New pedestrian bridge installed in Tinley at Bannes

Image courtesy of the Village of Tinley Park

From the Village of Tinley Park:

Workers installed a new pedestrian bridge Thursday morning southwest of Bannes Elementary School in Tinley Park. The new bridge, which replaces an old one at the same location, allows students to save time when walking to school by offering a path over Midlothian Creek.

The State of Illinois paid for all construction and engineering costs, which totaled $260,000. The new bridge is 62 feet long and was shop-fabricated by Excel Bridge Manufacturing Company.

The bridge is constructed of COR-TEN steel (also known as weathering steel) and looks completely rusted. This is purposeful, as the chemically induced rust patina actually protects the underlying stable steel from the elements. It also avoids unsightly paint flaking and sporadic rusting visible on many other painted steel bridges and railings that are exposed to the elements over time.

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