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MABAS Division 22 first to share data across all 10 of their Illinois Fire Departments

Press release from MABAS Division 22

Alsip, Blue Island, and Calumet Park are among fire departments using FlowMSP Pre-Planning Platform to lower costs and increase efficiency by sharing and standardizing pre-planning data capture and distribution.

Fire Chief Thomas Styczynski, President of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) District 22, proudly announced the MABAS Divisions commitment to standardizing the collection and distribution of pre-planning data through the adoption of the FlowMSP Pre-Planning Platform.

By implementing this software across the 10 departments, MABAS Division 22 will dramatically increase the efficiency of their fire-fighting services while decreasing the individual investment of each department. Departments typically spend over three hours pre-planning the commercial structures in their communities, which keeps firefighters and residents safe, while decreasing insurance premiums for the community. With the FlowMSP Pre-planning Software, firefighters can pre-plan structures in under 15 minutes, and share the information with each fire department that could offer mutual aid assistance. Read more.

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