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Will new HUD rule help more families escape high-poverty, high-crime neighborhoods?

Richard Flowers Homes in Robbins

Richard Flowers Homes in Robbins

It didn’t take Angela Rivera long to figure out that her new apartment in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood was no place to raise her three children.

Within the first few months of moving in, Rivera’s car was broken into and her three-bedroom apartment at 67th Street and Dorchester Avenue—paid for with a housing voucher from the Chicago Housing Authority—was burglarized. The schools were “iffy,” and there were so many shootings that she wouldn’t let her kids go outside to play. “There were times we had to move to the middle of the apartment to stay away from the windows,” Rivera recalls.

Her story illustrates a fundamental problem that federal housing officials are trying to solve through a proposed change in the Housing Choice Voucher, or Section 8, program…Please click here to read Alby Gallun’s story in Crain’s.

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