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Where the red-light green is going in the Southland

Mounted near traffic signals in scattered locations throughout the Southland, networks of cameras keep a digital eye on busy intersections, catching images of hurried drivers who blow through red lights, all so that traffic citations can be issued.

Known as red-light cameras, the devices are installed and operated by private firms that have contracts with local governments. Under the agreements, the red-light camera companies make their money from monthly service fees and per-ticket fees, and the municipalities can reap the leftover proceeds depending on the number of red-light tickets issued.

However, an analysis of bills and receipts obtained by the SouthtownStar shows it’s not always the case that money makes its way into towns’ coffers.

While some local municipalities with heavy traffic have made millions of dollars, some — such as Palos Heights and Evergreen Park — haven’t seen any money at all…Please click here to read the full story by Casey Toner in the Southtown Star, or here to read a related story in the Examiner.

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