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US Dept. of Labor funding opportunity announcement

The U.S. Department of Labor recently announced the availability of $150 million in the H-1B One Workforce Grant Program (Funding Opportunity Number: FOA-ETA-20-13) to invest in training for middle- to high-skilled H-1B occupations within key sectors in the U.S. economy, including information technology and cyber security, advanced manufacturing and transportation, to upskill the present workforce and train a new generation of workers to grow the future workforce.

The coronavirus pandemic has not only caused disruptions in the labor market, but also forced many education and training providers and employers to rethink how to deliver training. In this grant program, the Department’s Employment and Training Administration set out to streamline funding and resources to encourage a more integrated workforce system that will encourage applicants to provide an innovative mix of training strategies, leveraging innovative modes of training delivery, including online, distance and other technology-enabled learning. Read more. The closing date for applications is Nov 12, 2020.

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