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Travel expense reporting legislation signed into law


The law provides that local public agencies (i.e. school districts, community college districts, counties, non-home rule municipalities and townships) shall, by resolution or ordinance, regulate the reimbursement of all travel, meal, and lodging expenses of officers and employees. Ordinances or resolutions must specify the following: (1) the types of official business for which travel, meal, and lodging expenses are allowed; (2) the maximum allowable reimbursement for travel, meal, and lodging expenses; and (3) the creation of a standardized form for submission of travel, meal, and lodging expenses. The ordinance or resolution may allow for approval of expenses that exceed the maximum allowable reimbursement because of emergency or other extraordinary circumstances. This resolution or ordinance must be approved by the local public agency prior to June 29, 2017. If the ordinance is not approved, no travel, meal or lodging expenses will be permitted to be paid by the local public agency…Please click here to read Joe Schatteman’s story on the Illinois Municipal League’s web site.

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