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SSMMA welcomes new GIS Analyst Tamara Freihat

Please join us in welcoming SSMMA GIS Analyst Tamara Freihat. She will be responsible for creating, updating, and managing feature classes such as building footprints, infrastructure, and zoning; uploading and managing geospatial data in web mapping applications (; working with, economic development, housing and transportation staff to provide mapping support and more.

Ms. Freihat has recently graduated from Chicago State University, with an MA in Geography; she specialized in Geographic Information System (GIS) with a particular focus on urban planning. The product of her thesis was an article entitled “Modeling Urban Sprawl in Northeastern Illinois,” published in the Journal of Geosciences and Geomatics, She obtained her BA degree in architectural engineering from Jordan University for Science and Technology.

Tamara completed an internship with the Field Museum / Keller Science action Center, where she assisted in managing GIS data, producing maps, field work, data analysis and research projects. Also, she is currently volunteering at the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), assisting in gathering, preparing, and summarizing geospatial datasets.

Tamara lives in Chicago with her husband and two kids; she is seeking to learn and grow in her career and life.

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