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SSMMA honors associate members/Sen. Duckworth at annual appreciation dinner

The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association honored our highly esteemed associate members at a dinner meeting Thursday night (3/16/17) hosted by the Villages of Glenwood and Thornton. Read more about associate membership here. The event was held March 16 at Glenwoodie Golf Club in Glenwood.

SSMMA also welcomed special guest, U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth.

The new senator, who won last fall’s U.S. Senate race over Mark Kirk, said she was there to try to figure out what she can do to best serve constituents in SSMMA’s membership and the Southland.

“And the best way that I can do that is for you to just come out and tell me,” Duckworth said, asking municipalities to invite her in to listen and learn.

“Show me where your problems are,” She said. “Show me what I can do on a federal level to help you. Show me your challenges so that I can turn around, get to Washington and fight for those programs and fight for those dollars.”

Duckworth added that she thought it was an embarrassment that Illinois taxpayers pay as much as we do and yet, bring in less than $.70 on the dollar back into the state, in terms of federal expenditures. This makes Illinois a “donor state.” We are paying in federal dollars to subsidize other folk around the country, she said.

“It’s about time we bring more federal dollars back into Illinois,” she added.

Please contact Community Outreach Coordinator Loren Harris to schedule an appointment with Sen Duckworth. She can be reached at 312-886-3506 or LOREN_HARRIS@DUCKWORTH.SENATE.GOV. Or, contact Grants Specialist and Senior Outreach Coordinator Dan McManus for information about federal grants or the Federal Excess program. His contact information is 312-886-3506 or DAN_MCMANUS@DUCKWORTH.SENATE.GOV

SSMMA gratefully acknowledges Comcast and the Villages of Thornton and Glenwood for their generous sponsorship of this event. More photos are here.

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