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By Rita Kueny

SPC Ambulance Program Success Story! The goal of the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) has always been to combine the resources and purchasing power of governments and not-for-profit entities to jointly negotiate advantageous contract terms on a line of high quality products at the lowest possible price. Economies of scale in terms of pricing and staff resources are the prime objectives of the SPC Joint Purchasing Program. By purchasing through the SPC, participants not only save money but time as well.

One of the most successful SPC contracts has been Type I Horton Additional Duty Ambulance with Foster Coach Sales, originally awarded on January 21, 2013, with the last of three (3) possible one-year contract extensions available from January 21, 2016 through January 20, 2017. Steve Foster, President of Foster Coach Sales, recently sent us a status report of the program and we are pleased to share the highlights:

“At this time we have sold 90 Horton Emergency Custom Ambulances with our current contract, 53 to your members and 37 to non-members, throughout the state. To date it is almost $19,000,000.00 worth of sales combined for this contract period so far. It has saved over $360,000.00 for members and non-members over the span of this contract! It has truly been a benefit to all parties involved, providing a quality product with great service, at a good price.”

The SPC Ambulance Committee literally put hundreds of hours into crafting the RFP for the ambulance program. There is no way we can adequately thank the committee for their hard work and diligence, or calculate the cost of the staff time our contract participants saved. We urge you to utilize all SPC contracts so we can continue to pass along similar success stories.

For questions or additional information on the Foster Coach Ambulance contract, please contact Steve Foster, 800-369-4215, ext. 3, 815-499-0125 (cell) or

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Ford Announces Factory Cut Off Dates for 4 SPC Vehicles

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