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SPC News

By Rita Kueny

SPC Extends Fuel Hedging Program with Palatine Oil The Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) Governing Board has extended the Fuel Hedging Contract with Palatine Oil of Schaumburg from March 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015. This innovative program allows contract participants to lock in their fuel prices for 2014-2015 and resulted in 3¢ to 5¢ per gallon savings in 2013.

Palatine Oil agrees to lock in specific monthly prices for volumes requested by the program participants. Buyers and the seller agree at the time of purchase on prices and volumes for each month from March, 2014 through February, 2015. At the end of each month (considered a separate “Delivery Period”), the locked in price will be compared to the market price for that month. Market price will be determined by PLATTS, a third party company that issues fuel and gasoline prices.

If the market price is higher than the locked in price, the latter will be subtracted from the market price to achieve a price per gallon spread. That spread will be multiplied by the number of gallons each participant has locked in. If locked price is higher than market price, the latter will be subtracted from the locked in price to achieve a price per gallon spread. That spread will be multiplied by the number of gallons each individual contract participant has locked in. This program is separate from the Fuel Contract, also with Palatine Oil in which participants purchase fuel as needed on the spot market.

All transportation and delivery charges and/or incidentals are included in the SPC price. While municipalities are exempt from payment of the Illinois Retailer’s Occupation Tax and Federal Excise Tax on fuel purchases, participants are responsible for the Illinois Motor Fuel Tax, underground storage tank and other fees and taxes where applicable.

Palatine Oil will make deliveries Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., within 24 hours after the receipt of an order. For additional information or questions on participating in the SPC Fuel Hedge Program, please contact Palatine Oil General Manager Joe Fell, 847-358-3600, 847-514-9483 (cell), or

Ford Announces Ford Expedition Factory Order Cut Off Date The Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) has been advised that Ford Motor Company has announced that the factory order cutoff date for the 2014 Expedition XL 4 Door 4×4 Special Services Vehicle is April 3, 2014. The SPC dealer for this vehicle is Landmark Ford of Springfield. For questions or additional information, please contact Lyle Snow, office 800-798-9912, extension 253, mobile 217-553-2508 or

Lake County De-Icing Video Features Lincolnshire Best Practices At the time of the writing of this article, we’re preparing for another snow storm this weekend (the 35th measurable snow storm this winter – Yikes!) and salt supplies are running low, it’s never too early to begin planning for next year’s snow season. Lake County has produced an informative video demonstrating county and municipal alternatives to traditional salt usage and how they are applied to area roadways. To view the video, please visit Special focus is given to the efforts of the Village of Lincolnshire Public Works Department to utilize increased amounts of liquid deicers, which are much more environmentally friendly.

SPC Has Alternatives to Traditional Road Salt – Prepare for Next Winter Today! As a reminder, the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) offers competitive pricing on both Natural Deicing Solution (beet juice) and Liquid Calcium Chloride. Now is the time to compare alternatives and plan for next winter.

Spotlight on Joint Purchasing – Warehouse Direct Workplace Solutions NWMC Program Manager for Purchasing Ellen Dayan recently took a tour of the new Warehouse Direct Workplace Solutions offices and warehouse, located at 2001 S. Mount Prospect Road in Des Plaines. Warehouse Direct has both the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) contracts for Janitorial Supplies and Office Supplies/Copier Paper; therefore, one call or click can fulfill all of your janitorial and office supply needs.

With over 50,000 items in stock in their impressive facility, Warehouse Direct Workplace Solutions boasts a 99% next-day order fulfillment rate with no delivery or handling charges. Please visit for additional information about the product and services provided by Warehouse Direct. We strongly encourage all of our members to forward this information to your procurement professionals for price and service comparisons. Staff is working with Warehouse Direct officials to host a tour of their new facility and will provide details as they become available. In the interim, please contact Warehouse Director Account Executives Spencer Touchie, 847-631-7188, or Rick Schackle, 847-631-7428 or for all your janitorial and office supply needs.

SPC Extends 2014 Sweeper Contract The Suburban Purchasing Cooperative (SPC) Governing Board has approved the second of three (3) one- year contract extensions on the 2014 Three-Wheeled Sweeper Rear Steer with Front Dump with Standard Equipment of Chicago. Due to manufacturer’s pricing increases, the vehicle now costs $167,899.00, which is 5.64% above last year’s price. The duration of the contract extension is January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014. The SPC reserves the right to extend this contract for up to one additional year upon mutual agreement of the both the vendor and the SPC on a negotiated basis. For additional information or questions, please contact Standard Equipment Sales Manager Tom Markel, 312-706-9675 (direct), 312-208-6376 (cell), or

Please consider the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative when making purchases and note that every municipality and government agency in the State of Illinois is authorized to participate in SPC Programs. Feel free to contact your SSMMA SPC staff representative Rita Kueny at (708) 206-1155 or with any questions or comments you may have regarding existing SPC programs or additional programs you might like to see added.

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