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Southland interchange’s time finally arrives

The time finally came Saturday for “the interchange that time forgot.”

The first ramps linking Interstates 57 and 294 opened to traffic Saturday afternoon, completing the first phase of a full interchange project that’s been talked about for years and which, local officials said, will give a boost to economic development in the Southland.

Legislators and mayors from more than 20 area communities gathered at the top of one of the new ramps and looked on as Gov. Pat Quinn said the interchange “is a mighty-needed project” and noted that the Southland region “for years and years didn’t receive proper investment.”…Please click here to read Mike Nolan’s story in the Southtown Star. Related stories are in the Tribune, ABC Eyewitness NewsTimes Editorial, the Patch . and the I-57/I-294 Interchange Project Newsletter.

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