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Southland Development Authority launches new Equitable Recovery Stimulus Program

From the Southland Development authority:

As dramatically highlighted in recent headlines, poor and working-class households and communities are by far being hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis – and the Southland includes the hardest-hit communities in the region.

A bewildering array of Federal, state and local resources is being released to ease the financial burden for workers, small businesses, and homeowners. Yet these individuals and businesses who will be hit hardest by the recession often lack the time, expertise, and advisors (e.g., lawyers and accountants) to sort through programs, identify the right ones, complete applications and otherwise find the right help.

To address this mismatch of available resources to local capacity, the Southland Development Authority is creating a clearinghouse of information, resources and infrastructure to reach and assist in providing access to the people who need it most. Read more.

If your organization provides information or resources that you would like included in the clearinghouse, please complete this survey.

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