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Southland Community Development Loan Fund

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Transit-oriented development opportunities abound in Chicago’s Southland

With 43 municipalities and 650,000 people, the Chicago Southland has enormous economic development potential, particularly due to its strong connectivity to the Chicago Loop, suburban job centers, and national transportation systems. Four Metra lines serve the Southland with 33 stations and nine additional stations are planned on a new line. The area is also well served by an extensive inter-suburban bus network and four expressways.

To date, these transportation assets have largely been untapped. Today, Southland communities are poised for transit-oriented development (TOD) that incorporates a mix of retail, commercial and residential uses near stations. TOD has proven to be a smart investment: Across the Chicago region, well-developed areas near transit posted home values 30 percent higher than the rest of the region, and local businesses reported higher customer spending.

Southland communities recognize both the economic and community benefits of mixed-use development near transit, such as improved job access for residents and reduced commute times, transportation costs and carbon emissions; as well as the creation of vibrant neighborhoods that encourage strolling and shopping. Please click here to find out more.

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