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South Suburban Airport Meeting, and News


Please don’t miss:

South Suburban Airport Meeting for Community Leaders

June 26, 2013, 10 a.m. – noon

Sherman Music Hall

Governor’s State University

RSVP to Kirstin DiCenso: or (217) 557-0118

Recent news on the South Suburban Airport Jobs Bill and related project updates:

From the IDOT Division of  Aeronautics

Summary of South Suburban Airport Jobs Bill Public-Private Partnership Legislation SouthSuburbcinAlrport

The South Suburban Airport Public-Private Partnership Legislation is modeled off the Illiana legislation allowing mOT to engage in a Public-Private Partnership (P3). As such, this will provide mOT with the opportunity to enter into a P3 to build and operate SSA. This is a clean slate with a focus to build the airport and the economic development will follow. • SSA P3legislation is based on the Public Private Agreements for the Illiana Expressway Act, P.A. 096-0913. • Authorize lOOT to enter into public-private partnership (P3) agreements for the development, financing, construction, management, operation, and maintenance of the South Suburban Airport (SSA). • Calls for mOT to collaborate with the municipalities, counties, and other stakeholders affected by SSA. • Provides lOOT authority to maintain ownership of the SSA property with the ability to provide lease terms of up to 75 years to enable broad private financing vehicles to fund the development and operation of the SSA. • Selection process (including public hearings) for P3 contractor will be through a competitive RFP governed by the SSA P3 legislation. • Provides requirements that must be included in all P3 agreements to give the State control and oversight over the developer and operator, such as: • Transparency and audit requirements; • Requirements that allow the State to overturn decisions by the contractor; and • Termination rights by DOT. • Requires any contractor that enters into a P3 agreement to enter into a project labor agreement (PLA). • At a minimum,·the request for proposals process will take into account the offeror’s ability to comply with the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Act and Section 2-105 of the Illinois Human Rights Act, including the ability to meet utilization goals for business enterprises. • Provides lDOT quick take condemnation powers to streamline the acquisition of land for the SSA. • Requires quarterly and monthly lOOT reports and prompt responses to Procurement Policy Board information requests. Requires COGFA and Procurement Policy Board (PPB) review and comment of offerors prior to department final selection.

Please click  20130605132037 to download  the report on legislation, economic opportunity and job creation, and airport project status updates.

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