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RTA recommends Olympia Fields and Calumet Park, among others, for 2016 projects

Proposed Program of Projects for the 2016 Community Planning Program The RTA is recommending the following Proposed Program of Projects for the 2016 Community Planning Program.Village of Calumet ParkTOD Developer Discussion Panel This project will assist the Village with a developer panel to review the development potential of the Village’s recently acquired six-acre parcel of land that lies adjacent to the Ashland Avenue Station on the Metra Electric line. The panel will make recommendations for prospective development on the parcel that will be transit-oriented and that could be a catalyst for future redevelopment.Village of Olympia FieldsTOD Zoning UpdateThis project involves developing specific zoning regulations and guidelines to reflect and implement the Village’s recently-adopted Town Center Plan. This plan outlines strategies for the Village to attract and encourage TOD investment near the 203rd Street Metra station. Form-based regulations will be explored.

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