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Request for proposals: Dolton contract grant writer


The Village of Dolton is seeking to retain a consultant to assist the Village in researching and identifying potential grants and providing general grant writing services associated with the completion and submission of grant applications, program administration and delivery.


Contract will be for one (1) year from date of award. Agreement Cancellation: The contract may be terminated by agreement or upon thirty (30) days notice in writing given by either party. If the Village exercises this right to terminate, the services allowed to be performed by second party during the remaining thirty (30) days shall be approved by the Village Administrator. If the second party exercises this right to terminate, the consultant must attempt to complete as many projects pending as requested by the Village Administrator.


Proposals will be received by Village of Dolton until the position is filled. All proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope and have original signature and date. One (1) original proposal must be submitted to: Village Administrator Village of Dolton 14122 Chicago Road Dolton, IL. 60419. Please mark on lower left hand comer of envelope: “RFP-Grant Writing Services” Questions regarding this proposal must be submitted in writing to the Village Administrator at  Read more.

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