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Reggie Greenwood’s economic development report


ear investors,

Our mission is to build a community around our shared interest in building a Chicago Southland Economy that provides good-paying jobs while improving the quality of our built and natural environments.

In 2017, we are enhancing our marketing tools to connect with people and demonstrate how CSEDC provides value to our investors and to our region.

Each week, Holly Campbell and I will talk to several investors about the work we are doing in key projects. We believe face-to-face discussion drives home our commitment to investors.

We are improving the content in our newsletter by encouraging investors to submit articles on their work as well as including articles about key economic projects which are first uploaded onto our blog. We want to curate our mailing list of 7,000 names to reach our objective of a 25 percent open rate.

We also use this mailing list to publicize our quarterly economic forums at which we have created a useful event for people to network and hear the latest about key projects in the Chicago Southland. Investors host these events that provide them the venues to promote their economic development opportunities.

This year we are also upgrading the CSEDC Facebook page to make it easier for our community to share and connect with each other about economic events in the Southland. Please visit our page.

In the summer we organize our Big Shoes manufacturing award program, and in November through February we make a targeted effort to seek investments through sending out our annual investment brief, along with invoices. The investment brief reviews our target strategies in supporting redevelopment of sites; integrating economic development, workforce, and education; arranging infrastructure and financial incentives for projects; and marketing retail and industrial sites.

Throughout the year, we have monthly investor meetings that are opportunities for a deeper sharing of ideas that are useful to our investors.

Please send me your ideas on how to use marketing tools to create a community of investor.


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