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Mayors send strong message about need for school funding reform

Anyone who watches “Game of Thrones” knows there’s strength in numbers.

In the popular HBO show, bands of people form alliances and unite to face a common enemy. They have to raise armies and muster enough fighting power to have any hope of survival. The ultimate goal in the fictional story is to rule the seven kingdoms.

Illinois government is feeling more and more like a storyline from “Game of Thrones.” The year-long budget impasse is like a castle siege with each side entrenched for a prolonged stalemate. Hopes fade for a negotiated settlement. The objective seems to be gaining political power instead of governing.

Mayors of nine south suburban communities are taking a stand on an issue related to the state budget crisis…Please click here to read Ted Slowik’s column in the Tribune/Daily Southtown. A related story, “Depressed property values show need to fix school funding system,” is here.

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