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Land bank helps to transition long vacant Dolton property into productive business and new jobs

Under the leadership of Russ Rydin, the South Suburban Land Bank and Development Authority recently helped facilitate the transition of a long vacant and dilapidated Dolton property into a new green business: Water Integrated Treatment Systems,LLC. The company treats and recycles industrial waste water impacted by such contaminates as oils, coolants and antifreeze. Others who assisted with this public/private partnership deal include Dolton Mayor Riley Rogers and Village municipal staff, Illinois State Sen. Napoleon Harris, MWRD, Neil Golden and Ricardo Martinez.

“We’re happy to have another building here occupied that was vacant for eight years turn into a new business coming into our community,” Mayor Rogers said at a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“It puts the property back on the tax roll and creates jobs for the citizens of Dolton,” added Sen. Harris.

Please click here to see a video of the event.

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