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Guide to landlord incentives and rental property regulation now available

Growth in the rental housing market since the economic downturn has made it increasingly important for municipalities to adopt policies and tools that ensure the health of the region’s rental housing stock. The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus is currently working in partnership with the Center for Community Progress, SSMMA and other regional partners on a number of initiatives that promote the maintenance and responsible management of rental properties. The project team recently developed a publication Raising the Bar: A short guide to landlord incentives and rental property regulation , which outlines various municipal strategies including instituting a rental licensing program, creating a rental housing information system and implementing a performance-based regulatory system. The report includes strategies that both home rule and non-home rule municipalities can use in their own communities. I encourage you to explore the information in this document and share it with your staff. As a next step, we will be developing a resource for municipalities that outlines how to craft a good rental ordinance for both home rule and non-home rule municipalities. Please stay tuned!

For more information on this project, please visit the website Up to Code.

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