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Funding Opportunity: Photovoltaic Installation for Local Governments

From the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation

Photovoltaic Installation Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology converts sunlight directly into electricity. The Foundation has supported many PV projects, providing clean electricity to schools, museums, community centers, public buildings, and other facilities. Please see How to Apply to learn about preparing your Letter of Inquiry and to get the latest information on deadlines. Letters of Inquiry are due January 13, or July 14, 2015. Please click here for more information.Review Process:4 months. The Foundation evaluates Letters of Inquiry against the funding criteria below. Within two months of the above deadlines, a committee of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees will decide whether to invite applicants to submit Full Proposals for consideration by the Board of Trustees that announces grants in early May and early November. The Foundation’s review process is competitive.Available Support:Up to $1.80/watt or 60% of the system and its installation costs, whichever is less, inclusive of state funding. The Foundation reserves the right to change funding levels and guidelines.Restrictions:The project must be wholly owned by an eligible applicant and cannot include ownership by private investors or commercial interests. If awarded a grant, the grantee must retire any environmental attributes (i.e. renewable energy certificates, emission offsets, etc.) associated with the project.

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