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Dolton provides input on freight studies/signage

Image courtesy of the Village of Dolton via Facebook

Residents and elected officials from the Village of Dolton provided input on an Invest In Cook study that examined how to improve railroad traffic and ways to separate railroads from traffic and pedestrians at a public open forum meeting held on July 27 at the Dolton Village Hall. Residents also weighed-in on a quiet zone study and signage for the community.

The Invest In Cook planning study examined 10 at-grade road/rail crossings in Dolton and Riverdale to determine which ones rank most highly to explore possible solutions for improving mobility. This study has led to additional grants for projects such as $19 million in federal funds for the Dolton Junction Interlocking project in Dolton and Riverdale, $2 million in Surface Transportation funding for Phase 1 Engineering of  the Cottage Grove grade separation in 2023, and an $18,000 Cook County Department of Public Health grant for bike route signage for Dolton, Riverdale and Calumet City along the Cal-Sag Trail.

The event was hosted by the Village of Dolton, South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, The Urban Transportation Center at the University of Illinois Chicago, and Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways.

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