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Distribution schedule of released state funds

Thanks to the Illinois Municipal League for providing this info:

With the passage of SB2039 (and enactment of PA99-0491), previously undistributed local revenues from July 1, 2015 and thereafter will soon be released by the State of Illinois.

The Illinois Municipal League (IML) has been in contact with the Office of the Comptroller and the involved state agencies. The Comptroller has assured the distribution of all funds within 1-2 business days of receipt of a clean payment voucher from the pass-through state agency.

Payment vouchers for Use Tax, video gaming fees and casino fees have or will be submitted by the Department of Revenue to the Comptroller by December 11.

Payment vouchers for 9-1-1 fees are handled through the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) and the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget. These payment vouchers will be submitted to the Comptroller by no later than December 18.

Payment vouchers for Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) are handled through the Department of Transportation (IDOT). It is our understanding that July-collection vouchers have been submitted to the Comptroller as of December 8, and August-collection vouchers will be submitted by December 14. Subsequent months’ payment vouchers are being processed for submission as quickly as possible, with the likelihood of a few days in between each collection month for the necessary paperwork.

Any additional information that IML gathers will be provided immediately.

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