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CNT and the Army Corps Collaborate on High-Tech Flooding Alert System

RainReady Alert is a predictive flood monitoring and alert system based on aggregated data from sensors in homes and the public rights-of-way…. The Corps’ collaboration is being funded through a national award from the 2015 Interagency Nonstructural Flood Risk Management Program.  It is the second time that the Chicago District office has received the award to collaborate with CNT.  See more.

CNT’s RainReady program offers services to individuals and communities affected by flooding. The RainReady service is available to any community that wishes to participate in the program. Towns or cities wishing to participate will draw up a memorandum of agreement with CNT and agree to cover the costs.  See more.

Affected by flooding or drought? You might want to set up a Resident Action Group (RAG). RAGs address local water issues by holding meetings, documenting and vocalizing specific issues, discussing causes and solutions, and engaging with government and nonprofit entities.  See more.

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