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CMAP seeks input through biennial 2014 municipal survey

Mayors and managers of the region’s 284 communities are asked to complete CMAP’s 2014 Municipal Plans, Programs, and Operations Survey by May 16, 2014. CMAP conducts a biennial survey to inform agency work and track progress of GO TO 2040 implementation.  CMAP staff use survey results to:

  1. Help identify the types of technical assistance projects that are provided through the Local Technical Assistance program.

  2. Prioritize the development of new resources through the Local Ordinances and Toolkits program.

  3. Inform policy analysis of such topics as freight and infrastructure development.

  4. Help track the implementation of GO TO 2040 by updating indicators of progress.

CMAP strongly encourages each municipality to submit their completed survey on-line. Paper surveys were also mailed late last week. It is recommended that municipalities assign one individual to shepherd the survey through to completion, although it is not expected that one person will necessarily know the answers to all questions. The Planning Liaisons for each Council of Mayors will assist with distribution and periodic reminders about the survey. CMAP will share an analysis of survey responses in winter 2014.  As with all previous surveys, staff will not use the resulting data to create municipal scorecards or rank municipalities. Contact Drew Williams-Clark with questions (

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