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Café Pullman draws newcomers to Southland

Photo courtesy of Dave B. on

Photo courtesy of Dave B. on

Standing near Pullman Café’s kitchen, as volunteers dashed to serve customers in a line stretching out the door, Blanca Ortiz observed the rush. The excitement was the product of many months’ anticipation, she said over the whirr of a blender. “Everyone here has been asking, ‘When’s it going to open? When’s it going to open?’ And now they’re bragging, ‘I got the first coffee!’”

This was October 10, Pullman Café’s opening day. Visitors to Pullman, fresh from the annual House Tour, happily endured the wait alongside enthusiastic residents. Many passed the time in conversation, adding to the warm and welcoming atmosphere promised by the cozy furniture. Others perused murals and artwork in an alley behind the café…Please click here to read Sara Cohen’s story in the Southside Weekly.

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