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Balmoral Park’s big leap from horse racing to show jumping

Crete Mayor Michael Einhorn said he was “seriously bummed out” when Balmoral Park hosted its final harness races the day after Christmas in 2015.

“It was a sad event, a very sad event,” he said.

The uniqueness of the 200-acre park in unincorporated Will County just outside of Crete, home to both harness and thoroughbred racing over the decades, raised the question of, “What do you do with the place?” Einhorn said.

The public got the answer to that as Balmoral has begun a new chapter hosting horse show jumping events under the ownership of a New York company, Horse Shows in the Sun, or HITS, which purchased the park a little more than a year ago…Please click here to read Mike Nolan’s story in the Tribune/Daily Southtown.

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