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A suburb divided: Crete residents weigh the cost of industrialization

Crete Mayor Mike Einhorn. Image courtesy of Vivelohoy

Crete Mayor Mike Einhorn. Image courtesy of Vivelohoy

About 35 miles south of downtown Chicago, in an area where the suburbs meet farmland, red and blue signs have suddenly sprouted throughout the normally sleepy town of Crete.

They represent opposing views of a heated debate that has engulfed Crete and raised significant questions about the suburb’s identity and future. The village, which is still recovering from the Great Recession, is at a crossroads over a planned rail-yard facility that residents say will either help revive the community with much-needed economic growth or put its natural beauty in peril.

This debate is playing out at a time when job creation is on the minds of many Americans. President Donald Trump promised to bring back middle-class jobs and rode that momentum all the way to the White House.

But as the residents of Crete have discovered, bringing back blue-collar jobs may come at a cost…Please click here to read or hear Miles Bryan’s story on WBEZ News.

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